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berlin is vinyl heaven. during the 8 months+ spent here, i’ve close to doubled my collection. that is inversely proportional to my finances by the way. there are just  s o   m a n y  y   awesome record stores.    here’s what i mean: 




One of the coolest compilations i’ve got my hands on in the recent years….an excerpt from the accompanying info: “The 1960s and 1970s across Africa were decades defined by bright optimism and clashing sensibilities. As newly independent countries grappled to assert fresh identities, politicized youth movements bristled against authority. Rapid urbanization challenged the traditions and hierarchies of old, and the Europeanized urban elite collided with pioneers of ‘back to roots’ movements. Music plunged through the heart of this dynamic time and was a powerful tool of expression. Far-out psychedelic-sounding rock mixed with a thick dollop of deep funk and soul became the sound of a generation. The music was cosmopolitan, rebellious and deeply cool all at the same time.”

Conceptually/philosophically i find myself mostly drawn to Jimmy Edgar. Hence, my excitement is well granted, giving this NEWS

It is official. I am now driving my bike, drinkng my mate, eating my medialunas, going to the gym (macho), calling my friend (ella, macho), about where we were supposed to meet and have no credit but most importantly play my new electric ektar, aka ectar on my Mercury/MC Line




Jay Haze: Music 2.0

Resident advisor interview with Jay Haze, a little less than a year ago.

I stumbled upon this after finding out the track id for the first song of Ellen Allien’s Tsugi mix:


Jay Haze lives in Peru, Lima and this interview just so perfectly says, what i have felt to be wrong with the music industry, but didn’t quite know how to articulate.

In the beginning of this year i did a brief research on, what Haze refers to as “frequencies”. I might post some of the stuff up here as well…