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i finally managed to lay my eyes on this:

This very much anticipated snapshot of the infamous Berlin techno/minimal-shminimal scene left me with a bag of mixed emotions.
The music rocks. Get the soundtrack if you still haven’t. But the decadence, i feel, is rather juvenile and as Paul Kalkbrenner (the lead & author of the soundtrack) puts it:

“…It’s a portrait. A portrait of our time. It’s a feature film. The themes of techno and drugs are only the brush with which we paint a picture. What it’s about is a much more universal story than techno and club life. Basically, Ickarus, the lead figure, could also have made a different kind of music. He has the problems of many artists: genius – madness, not understanding things, not watching out for himself, and then falling flat on his nose. It’s a story that keeps happening all the time to lots of people, and not one about me or the milieu.”

The movie succeeds in pointing the finger at what’s wrong – the madness – but doesn’t and it seems there’s no intention in suggesting an alternative way of being…Which annoys me with most of the movies these days – great drama, but what’s the use? Well, ok, it was entertaining and very much so – especially the farewell party from the mental institution – f***ing hilarious. But… for me, that’s not enough – then again we have lots of documentaries and self-help DVD-s with answers…so i rest my case.

Actually just before Berlin Calling, i watched a documentary from 1999 about rave culture:

Now this was inspiring and carried a positive message. One dude (BT) talks about using an electroencephalograph (for brainwave monitoring) as a midi controller

and a guy called Scanner uses a radio transmitter with sounds from peoples phone conversations etc in his lives..

The whole rave culture was paralleled with shamanistic rituals and was just right on. The people look ridiculous though and the music is mostly silly too, but hey – it’s 10 years ago..

Ch-ch-che-che-check it out, wh-wh-wha-wha-wha-what’s it all about !

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