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there couldn’t be a better day to start motherknowsbest’s blog than the actual birthday of my mom. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!

so here goes.

last weekend (6-8.02) was hecticness: first there was Harry “Choo Choo” Romero at club prive, with me handling the foreplay. here’s one hour of the set:

MotherKnowsBest @ Club Prive

hope to get some photomaterial soon..

then there was transmission! at central point club.  the party looked a lot like this. due to numerous performers and delays, i – the last but not least – didn’t make it onstage til 4 am, and settled with a back to back with electrorockravequeen dj Olio. here’s a mix that will give you an idea of the sounds involved.

saturday was off duty for me,  so i did some partying otto johann thuve style. on sunday, after 3 hours of sleep, naturally, i went to the  Holy Spirit Church  to be forgiven.

Bless you all !

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